Here is a photo I took in 2010 when Jean and I were visiting Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark on our way back from Malmo Sweden where that year’s INRC (International Narcotics Research Conference) took place.  The fabulous building in the background is the fabulously expensive Ulm Hotel, where we did not stay on our trip!)

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A b o u t   C a r l   H e l m e r s

Carl Helmers had a long entrepreneurial career founding and publishing advertising-supported print technical magazines 1975 to 2006. He was a founder, editor and minority co-owner of the world’s first successful personal computer print magazine publication, BYTE, from 1975 until 1980. This was a period when early microcomputer hackers of the world in their pursuit of knowledge about a coming technology created the roots of today’s (post 2015) ubiquitous personal computing and mobile technology. It all came down to “I want my own personal computer – even if I have to figure out how to make one, then build and program it myself…”

Link to a longer 2015 PDF essay used to back up a local Rochester area IEEE Computer Society “Engineering in Medicine & Biological Systems” chapter’s talk that I gave February 17, 2015:

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