2015.07.23—Password Works after all…

UC-Gress   I just spent this morning interacting with Mark about the site, as well as changing how Jean and I do our e-mails in the future.

It turns out that I can get into my Word Press Dashboard from the “Meta” area of the home page.

There, either “Log out” or  “Log  in” shows depending on context.

Then I typed the password in the box which shows up, followed by clicking on “Log X” [X is “in” or “out”.]

Now lets see how this plays after I publish this note then log out…

Here is how I actually got here atgain  circa 13:15:

I went to the www.helmers.com site,  then scrolled down to the  “meta” heading at the bottom right

Then I clicked on “login” (which is sometimes “logout” depending on history) under the “meta” heading.

Then I  clicked login in the box that appeared with my dotted out last password entry…

Net result:  WordPress Dashboard appears and (for example) I further updated this note[2015.07.23 @ 13:26]