Our Banana Source — Bookend to a Costa Rica trip

On April 10-11, I discovered some archived 2013 photos and wrote an important addition to my article on how Dole Bananas get from Costa Rica to our local Wegmans supermarket.

Our Banana Source—May 20, 2016 @ 20:29:47 EDT

This latest May 20 version is now a 6 page PDF with a new GIMP tweaked view from our San Diego Hotel room in 2013…


the Golden Pagoda

Pay no attention to the redundant title line above. Please press this ultimate link to read my story:


Jean & Carl’s 2004 visit to The Golden Pagoda, Kyoto Japan

A Drive to Mount St. Helens

This afternoon, March 26, 2016 I stylistically reworked my 2009 article of this name, so that I could repost it on my new WordPress version of this site.