Fedora 25 — after a final Fedora 24 install step

Fedora 25 was released November 22.   I downloaded its live  DVD .iso image after breakfast, morning coffee and e-mail.

Then I realized that I had forgotten one crucial last step of last June’s Fedora 24 installation to both of my desktop machines: I did not yet have not yet installed the K3b distribution-agnostic GUI DVD creation tool.  I have been using K3b since a LUGOR colleague in the Rochester N.Y. area suggested it to me as I got back into Linux circa 2006 to 2008.  I probably first used K3b for to burn a Fedora 13 or 14  DVD then while Fedora 15 to 17 in my recollecte opinion had unusable GUIs I found the eminently usable Cinnamon GUI first in Linux Mint for several Linux Mint releases.  When finally (Fedora 20?) Fedora began having the  easily installed Cinnamon GUI  option, I went back to using Fedora,  my present choice of Linux distribution.  The beauty of open source and Linux is that my key applications:  Libre Office (Writer, Calc etc) GIMP,  Thunderbird, Firefox,etc with minor cosmetic differences could care less about which Linux they run under.


This tool,  out of the Debian Linux branch, is what I used to transfer my downloaded  .iso image files onto bootable installation DVDs, the first step of the next installation after download.

So it turns out that my first step for installation of Fedora 25 was to install K3b into  Zeus, my HP Pavilion  “test” machine whiThen then, after realizing that I had forgotten to install the K3b  installing a forgotten k3b mail.t 09:50:57 s soon as it was available.

After burning my physical DVD from the image