Turrialba Volcano erupts ! ! !

On Febtruary 4, 2016 in Costa Rica,  I captured an image of the Turrialba volcano as a slightly smoking mountain in the distance,  viewed from the Irazu volcano access road.   Then on or after May 22, 2016,  Turrialba had a full fledged eruption!!!  To see my February 4, 2016 image contrasted with a May 22, 2016 image from the WWW click on this link:



Getting back to the WWW site… 2016.01.19

This afternoon,  while I was attempting to update my opensource.com “about” section, I started writing yet another “about Carl Helmers” piece…  Here is a brief introductory paragraph in the current (January 19, 2016) of what ultimately will become a new article for my site:

A short personal reminiscence January 16, 2016 at the start of my 50th year using computers on the occasion of sorting out my www.opensource.com profile. I started writing this as an “about” piece for my properties segment of that site. Then it morphed into what you see here, which will ultimately end up as a link in that properties listing.


More on Fedora 23

November 23, 2015  Fedora 23 notes follow:    [an update begun last night]

Fedora 23’s final distribution release came out on November 3, a few days past its initial targetted date.   I completed my ultimate (for now) Fedora 23 installation (of several tentative early tries) circa November 17 2015.   I have been using the current Fedora as my primary operating system in Thor, my 2010 AMD hex core main computer since then.  [I keep a Linux Mint [17.2 now] machine,  the slightly slower, 6 month older Intel quad core machine that mainly use to display real time weather,  NIST time of day, news and weekday financial markets activity.

I accomplish several immediate goals by this installation:

[ x ]  —  I get the latest Open Office Version:

[ x ]  —  I get the latest GIMP 2.8.14

[ x ]  —  I get the latest GNU Emacs 24.5.1 ,  my text editing tool for BASH & other low level coding pursuits

[ x ]  —  I get the latest Wine, which allows me to run my one occasional Windows XP application, the 2005 purchased AutoSketch version 9 two dimensional drafting tool that I know well how to use.  [A case of legacy if ever ther was one :-)> ]

[ x ]  —  My usual Thunderbird e-mail client

[ x ]  —  The latest Firefox browser,  with which I am entering this morning’s WP post to my site


Fedora 23 has arrived

Initial comments about some nits I have found…

[ More after dinner, 2015.11.22 — this shows that Fedora 23 with WP site links installed is complete enought for a first post installation post ]


A Weekend Music Trip 2015

Jean and I took a weekend trip to Saratoga Springs, NY August 21 through 25 to hear 3 different concerts on three nights in a row.  Then in the week after, I wrote “A Weekend Music Trip 2015” to document the story of our summer driving sojourn in Saratoga Springs, NY with a one evening round  trip to Tanglewood in Massachusetts.   See…

A Weekend Music Trip — September 5, 2015 @ 16:28

posted ultimately September 5, 2015…


Korora 22 has arrived

Late this afternoon [August 4, 2015] I downloaded the new Korora 22 spin of Fedora 22 — twice.   The first time,  I somehow picked the KDE spin to download.  I followed up on my mistake before dinner by using K3b in Zeus (under its Linux Mint 17.1)  to burn the Korora 22 KDE live DVD. With the  KDE isodoeloaded and burned now I could possibly try out a new GUI spin “live” in my experimental computer Zeus.    But I really wanted the Korora 22 Cinnamon spin for A to B comparison with the real Fedora 22 Cinnamon GUI that I have been using in my main computer Thor since it became available.

I spent another half hour after dinner downloading the Korora 22 Cinnamon version to correct my mistake.  After K3b burning the DVD for Korora 22 Cinnamon,  I proceeded to shut down Zeus and attempt to boot up the live Korora 22 live Cinnamon version…

But either in the download or the DVD burning process,  I ended up with a non-working Korora 22 live Cinnamon DVD.  My initial experiment failed in a frozen non-GUI boot display that I ended up killing by powering off Zeus.

Not quite ready to quit on the day,  I then set Zeus up with the Korora 22 KDE DVD instead in  its tray.  Since I had never used KDE before,  I could initially prove that the DVD I made worked, then get a taste of KDE without actually following through tonight with a real install.  The Korora 22 live DVD (in its pokey live DVD way) loaded with no trouble in Zeus.

Since today is one of those summer days when I need the real time thunderstorm radar on my upper screen,  I shortly thereafter shut down Zeus again, removed the Korora KDE DVD, in order to reboot Zeus and restore my normal www.wundergorund.com radar in my upper display.   I write tonight’s note from Thor about my initial Korora 22 experience in the hour or so before the next T-storm cell (seen on Zeus’s upper LCD) marches west to east from lake Erie west of Buffalo NY to our position south of Rochester…   That’s it for now.


Fedora 22 missing printer found after “dnf update” July 24

2015.07.24 — Fedora 22 printer problem solved…   Soon after I installed Fedora 22, I was unable to print on my 2015 purchased HP OJ-P 8620 which is USB connected directly to Thor, my main desktop Fedora Linux workstation.   This is a major gotcha.

Since last installing Fedora 22 this printer hardware had not worked.    Today, I tried the Fedora superuser command “dnf update” to see if any changes had been broadcast.   After maybe 10-15 minutes of downloading then  doing the updates,  I did a power cycle of Thor and what do you know,  now I had printer function back!

When using software at the bleeding edge [AKA Fedora nn] it pays to update frequently!  I imagine that when I next go into the “System Settings” of cinnamon on Thor,  I will find the missing printer is actually there!




2015.05.25 @ 19:50

2015.05.25  @  19:50

I begin this post after dinner trying to insert my new bio information file:

About Carl Helmers


Squirrel Proof Mobile Bird Feeder Cart

2014.03.24---Bird Feeder position shot #1---[HTC-IMAG0171]