2015.04.27 — Linux thinking (e-mail to LUGOR last night)

This is ane-mail that I sent to the Linux User Group of Rochester (LUGOR) re thoughts I have had re installing my next Fedora:

Lugor E-mail from CH 2015.04.26 -- header 2015-04-27 10:20:07

I am eagerly awaiting Fedora 22 when it comes out…

In poking around tonight,  I ran across a bookmark that
I first recorded a month or so ago about the Korora remix
of Fedora 21.  From what I can tell reading distro watch
and other sites,  Korora fits the Fedora open source ecosystem
the way that the long dormant Omega 14 was when I first started
getting back to Linux a decade ago.  Omega was an excellent
attempt to remix Fedora in a way  similar to how Ubuntu and
Mint now provide remixes of Debian.

Rob Raiman told me about the Omega 14 Fedora remix at a Lugor
meeting or follow on Quimbies dinner circa the times (2004-2006)
I first started going to Lugor meetings after moving back to ROC.

Omega has since gone dormant.  From what I can tell,
Korora is a current remix that purports to do for Fedora
what Ubuntu and Mint do for Debian and each other.

I plan on attending the next Lugor dinner May 21.  By then
I will have tried Korora 21 in my secondary Intel x86-64
real time weather radar box that currently runs Mint 17.

The release version of Korora 22 will probably
become available about a month or so after Fedora 22’s
upcoming release..

That said,  I will be able to talk about my experiences with
Korora 21 in conversation at with Lugor colleagues at our
May 21 stamtisch…


From Fedora 20 Linux on Thor 3.2 GHz/AMD Phenom II x6
CH WWW site:  www.helmers.com
Then on April 27,  Rob Raiman replied:
Rob Raiman Reply to lugor 2015-04-27 12:25:06
I for one would be very interested in hearing about Korora. I missed Omega
when it went dormant.