Home again after a week in Phoenix Az — Fedora 22

Jean and I just spent a week at the Phoenix Az Biltmore Hotel,  where her INRC (International Narcotics Research Conference) combined with the CPDD (College on Problems of Drug Dependance were held jointly this year.  I go along for the ride on her scientific trips,  since it offers the prospect of visiting new places or variations on previously visited places.   I will post some photos later when I get around to dumping my pix from camera to this computer.  While Jean attended sessions of the two successive meetings, I read infor on Fedora 22 and its installation so I could plan today’s partially completed installation/configration activities.

We got back home last night late Eastern Daylight Time;  in between our post trip laundry chores etc,  today I installed Fedora 22 in Thor for the perhaps ultimate, so far successful time.   I am just now exploring my chosen Cinnamon GUI which in its latest Fedora instantiation seems as comfortable to me as earlier versions in Fedora and Mint.  I have yet to tweak everything the way I would like it to be.  There are some gotchas and compromises that I have not figured a way around yet.  If frustrated enough I may yet try the another GUI available through Fedora.

This is thus my first post from Fedora 22.   When it is available in a few weeks,  I will try configuring a side by side via Korora 22.   This will allow me to compare the Fedora/EasyLife method I am in the middle of configuring today with the equivalent system set up using Korora.  This will give me an A to B comparison of the setups and thinking I need to do in the process…

This evening the remaining exploration is Thundernbird e-mail,  which I will adopt initially by the kluge of copying the configured .thunderbird directory of my last Fedora 20 installation since I know it has worked in the past.

Later after the Korora/Fedora tests, as summer 2015 progresses I hope to finally attempt to get around to re implementing my BASEL Bash Application for System Event Logging as PASERL, my  new Perl Application for System Event Recording – Logging.  This may seem excessive.  But I never liked the somewhat less clean way of implementation as BASH shells with some important data extractions details done in Perl when needed. My idea is to make BASH the exception and Perl the principal language for my application rather than use Perl as the exception with BASH as the normal coding paradigm.   I also want to try making it more distribution independent so that I can ultimately use the same or very similar Perl program with my Mac Airbook travel computer.

I may still have to use an expression piping Bash “last” into “head” into “grep” to get the halt, start and login times I seek eachepoch when a system changes its respective state.  However, the use of Perl rather than BASH to post these times to a /home/local-logs/PASERL-history file may be symbolically neater when I am done.

On to regaining Thunderbird’s setup of e-mail, now   —  2015.06.20 @20:55 EDT