Fedora 22 missing printer found after “dnf update” July 24

2015.07.24 — Fedora 22 printer problem solved…   Soon after I installed Fedora 22, I was unable to print on my 2015 purchased HP OJ-P 8620 which is USB connected directly to Thor, my main desktop Fedora Linux workstation.   This is a major gotcha.

Since last installing Fedora 22 this printer hardware had not worked.    Today, I tried the Fedora superuser command “dnf update” to see if any changes had been broadcast.   After maybe 10-15 minutes of downloading then  doing the updates,  I did a power cycle of Thor and what do you know,  now I had printer function back!

When using software at the bleeding edge [AKA Fedora nn] it pays to update frequently!  I imagine that when I next go into the “System Settings” of cinnamon on Thor,  I will find the missing printer is actually there!