More on Fedora 23

November 23, 2015  Fedora 23 notes follow:    [an update begun last night]

Fedora 23’s final distribution release came out on November 3, a few days past its initial targetted date.   I completed my ultimate (for now) Fedora 23 installation (of several tentative early tries) circa November 17 2015.   I have been using the current Fedora as my primary operating system in Thor, my 2010 AMD hex core main computer since then.  [I keep a Linux Mint [17.2 now] machine,  the slightly slower, 6 month older Intel quad core machine that mainly use to display real time weather,  NIST time of day, news and weekday financial markets activity.

I accomplish several immediate goals by this installation:

[ x ]  —  I get the latest Open Office Version:

[ x ]  —  I get the latest GIMP 2.8.14

[ x ]  —  I get the latest GNU Emacs 24.5.1 ,  my text editing tool for BASH & other low level coding pursuits

[ x ]  —  I get the latest Wine, which allows me to run my one occasional Windows XP application, the 2005 purchased AutoSketch version 9 two dimensional drafting tool that I know well how to use.  [A case of legacy if ever ther was one :-)> ]

[ x ]  —  My usual Thunderbird e-mail client

[ x ]  —  The latest Firefox browser,  with which I am entering this morning’s WP post to my site